Craft is not yet taking share from US Millennial wine drinkers

14 December, 2015

There is no clear evidence that craft beer and spirits are taking share from US Millennial wine drinkers, according to Christian Miller of Full Glass Research.

Speaking at the third annual Wine Vision in Bilbao, the consultant for design analysis said nearly two thirds of US Millennials who say they are drinking more beer say they are drinking more wine and there is not a straightforward trade off.
“To some extent craft beer, cider and wine are all benefiting from the same social trends,” Miller said. “However, it’s possible that craft beer is diverting potential wine drinkers among those Millennials who are occasional or non-wine drinkers currently.
“Millennials are very promising, but that promise is not yet fulfilled. Millennial wine consumers, even occasional or low involvement wine consumers, are open to newer varieties and flavours and packaging. They also consider novelty and variety as well as quality are important features of both the craft beer movement and cocktail trends.”
He added: “Millennials have the right attitudes and interests to enjoy wine. But they are less committed to wine as the solution to their quest for diversity and excitement in flavour and authenticity in product. This generation is more open to competition in craft beer, spirits and cider.”


Nick Strangeway


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