Bibendum PLB confirms buyers

19 December, 2014

The Bibendum PLB Group has announced the structure of the buying team of the recently merged company.

Andrew Shaw, formerly Bibendum’s head buyer, is now buying director for the Bibendum PLB Group. He will service the three wine sales companies within the group – Bibendum, PLB and Walker and Wodehouse.

The structure will incorporate four buyers, Paul Meihuizen and Marie Knight, previously PLB’s buying directors, and former Bibendum buyers Jamie Avenell and Matt Smith.

Meihuizen will focus on the Americas, South Africa, Germany, Austria and Hungary, with Knight focusing her attention on France (except Champagne), Spain and Portugal. Avenell will be responsible for buying spirits, beer, soft drinks and champagne, while Smith will concentrate on Italy, New Zealand, Australia, eastern Europe (except Hungary) and England.

The team will also have the experience and knowledge of three regional consultants - Stuart Grundy, former Bibendum Buying Director for Europe, and France, Italy and Iberia specialist; Burgundy specialist, Robin Kinahan, MW; and Kym Milne, Australian MW and winemaker who will be the group’s man on the ground in Australasia.

Stephen Walder, previously of PLB, will oversee the group’s technical and quality.
Shaw said: “The depth of knowledge and experience across the team is second to none and will allow us to offer customers an incredible portfolio for every channel.’

Group CEO Michael Saunders says: ‘A stellar buying team is essential for the future of the Bibendum PLB group and the new team is more than up to the challenge.”

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