Harveys sherry is dedicated follower of fashion

18 February, 2009
Beam Global UK has ramped up its Harveys sherry fashion-led campaign with sponsorship at London fashion week.

Beam Global UK has ramped up its Harveys sherryfashion-led campaign with sponsorship at London fashion week.

The brand will sponsor fashion label PPQ and thelabel’s after-show party. This is part of the brand’s £750k 2009 campaign.

PPQ has created a bespokedesign to appeal to Harveys’ target audience of independent 25-34 year-oldwomen who are happy to stand out from the crowd. 

In homage to Alice’s Wonderland, the design uses largebows and polka dots as well as a small Cheshire cat illustration. This willfeature on a limited-edition half-bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream as well as inprominent branding across the bars at the event, which will serve a selectionof sherry cocktails. 

Harveys’ mixologist Dan Wilks has created aspecially-designed PPQ-Harveys cocktail which contains 40ml Harveys BristolCream, 15ml Limoncello, 25ml cranberry juice, 5ml lemon juice and 4 raspberriesshaken in a Boston glass with ice before straining into a martini glass andgarnishing with a floating raspberry.  


Nick Strangeway

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