US: Alcohol and food matching hot for 2009

02 February, 2009
Chicago: Wine by the glass and signature drinks will be hot trends for restaurants in 2009.

Wine by the glass and signature drinks will be hot trends for restaurants in 2009. A National Restaurant Association survey of  1,600 chefs said mixologists/signature cocktails, functional cocktails and food-alcohol pairings will be the biggest trends in beverage-alcohol service in 2009. And nearly nine out of 10 table service operators see wine by the glass becoming more popular in restaurants this year.

The research is part of the NRA’s announcement of the 2009 International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event (IWSB), which will be held May 17-18 at Chicago’s McCormick Place in conjunction with 2009 Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.


The IWSB will feature a series of free education sessions including menu trends, signature cocktails and alcohol-food pairings, strategies to build bar profitability, responsible service and innovative marketing and promotions.

Lorna Donatone, convention chair for NRA Show 2009 said: “Even in this tough economy, consumers still make wine, beer and cocktails part of their restaurant experience, and professionals from all industry segments and channels are making the most of their bar programs by creating innovative signature drinks, suggesting pairing ideas and offering exciting new brands.”
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