Prosecco DOC expects strong production after 2018 harvest

29 August, 2018

Tutelary Consortium for Prosecco DOC is anticipating strong productions for the Italian sparkling wine after near to perfect conditions continue.

Stefano Zanette, president of the Consortium describes the conditions for all the grapes used in the production of prosecco as “perfect”.

Zanette said: “In April and May the above average temperatures and the right hydric contribution accelerated the vegetative development, so that the blossom began mid-May. The absence of rain has then allowed the perfect conclusion of this phase and the beginning of the setting (the formation of small berries).”

The favourable weather conditions of the DOC region have been welcomed in the past months, and recent rain was the also favoured by the more than 10,000 producers within the Consortium.

Zanette added: “The rain and the lower temperatures were exactly what we had wanted for days. The forecast for the upcoming harvest is optimistic, as colder nights and a wider difference in temperatures between day and night help augment the aroma and will enhance the quality of the grapes.”  

According to the Consortium, the weather conditions will create a “great flavour and the best acidic profile” within the 24,450ha of the Prosecco DOC region. The harvest will begin in the last days of August, and the wines will be exported towards the end of 2018.


Nick Strangeway

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