Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections heads to Czech Republic

31 October, 2017

Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections has been pushing its ranges of Armagnac and Calvados throughout Europe following the end of its 2017 harvest.

Thomas Guasch, managing director and master-distiller, was invited to visit the Czech Republic to host master classes with professionals and private enthusiasts, where he showcased the Bas-Armagnacs, Vaghi-Baron de Sigognac range, Calvados Charles de Granville and orange liqueur La Grande Josiane.

"Naturally, this is a sharing of information and savoir-faire based around fine products,” said Guasch. "But also the culture of a long friendship that our house maintains with the Czech Republic.

“Our exclusive exposure in numerous establishments of the Czech gastronomic elite, bestows on us the position of leader in the high end spirits sector; a position which, of course, we fully intend to maintain and consolidate moving forward.”

Jérôme Castledine, commercial director at Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections described the latest harvest as having “a perfect level of acidity” and “and ideal natural sugar content in the juice”.

Castledine added: “The future 2017 vintages of Château de Bordeneuve and Baron de Sigognac are definitely on the right road.”


Dominic Roskrow

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