Meantime launches Beerista range

27 October, 2017

Meantime Brewery has joined up with Nude Coffee Roasters in London to create two new beers designed for mixing.

The Espresso Coffee Porter and a lactose cream ale called Cream Of The Crop have been specifically designed for mixing in the same way as coffee and milk.

The idea is for consumers to balance their beer in the same way they would a coffee to create the beer version of an Americano or flat White.

The two limited edition ‘Beerista’ beers available at the Brewery Tasting Rooms in Greenwich, London and at Nude’s Shoreditch Roastery until October 29. They are also available in the brewery shop on the website in 330ml bottles.

The first of the two Beerista beers is the Espresso Coffee Porter (9% ABV) and Meantime describes it as an intense, complex porter and the coffee beans used in the brew are sustainably sourced from Nude’s partner farm in El Salvador.

The Cream of The Crop (4% ABV) is the second of the Beerista duo. Meantime describes this as a rich and creamy beer, brewed with oats and lactose for a smooth flavour.

Meantime has created a Beerista menu featuring eight possible combinations of the two beers.

1. Single Espresso, 9.0% ABV = 1/3 pint Espresso Coffee Porter
2. Double Espresso, 9.0% ABV = 1/2 pint Espresso Coffee Porter
3. Steamer, 4.0% ABV = 2/3 pint Cream Of The Crop
4. Americano, 9.0% ABV = 2/3 pint Espresso Coffee Porter
5. Latt-ale, 5.6% ABV = 1/2 pint Cream Of The Crop + 1/3 pint Espresso Coffee Porter
6. Flat White, 7.3% ABV = 1/3 Cream Of The Crop + 2/3 Espresso Coffee Porter

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