LNG heads to Scottish distilleries

29 June, 2017

Liquefied natural gas providers are working on a joint project to bring LNG to Scottish breweries and distilleries which are not on the existing natural-gas grid.

If successful, the initiative will reduce the cost of energy for businesses located off the national gas network, bringing benefits to those in the brewing and distilling industry.

LNG will be shipped by Stolt-Nielsen LNG via small-scale carriers and stored in bulk at the Port of Rosyth in Dunfermline, before being distributed by Flogas Britain road tankers to distilleries and breweries across Scotland and the north of England.

Flogas head of sales Rob McCord said: “Often located in off grid locations, breweries and distilleries will be among the biggest beneficiaries of this unique project. Not only will it help reduce energy costs, but it will also help cut carbon emissions.

“We’re working on obtaining permits at the moment, and once we have them construction will begin.

“The demand is certainly there. We now need to work with the Scottish Government and our other stakeholders to bring the project to life.”

At present, the region’s off-grid natural gas is delivered at high cost by road tankers from Kent, south east England. This forces many off-grid breweries and distilleries to use oil to power their processes, or pay a premium for gas.

With a target completion date set for 2019, the bulk LNG solution will deliver LNG more cost effectively, thus enabling users to switch to the more environmentally friendly fuel, which will help reduce carbon emissions in line with the Scottish government’s Low Carbon Economic Strategy (LCES).

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