Austrian vintage down

08 March, 2013

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board has announced that the total volume of Austria's 2012 wine vintage is 2,154,800 hectoliters, which is well below the long term average.

The board says this is due mainly to last May's late frost – an unusual event that brought heavy losses, especially in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria).

It goes onto to emphasise that because overall weather conditions during the year were quite favourable, the quality of the wine is high, and this for all regions and grape varieties.

The dry weather at the end of the vegetation period and during the main harvest season ensured the gathering of healthy and ripe grapes, both white and red.

Willi Klinger, managing director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board said: “The total volume forAustria's 2012 wine harvest is significantly lower than the long-term average, but it is much better than had been anticipated.”

“However, the decline has particularly affected our flagship Grüner Veltliner, whose quantities in the Veltliner strongholds of Niederösterreich are rather scarce. But we are very happy the harvest provided fully ripened grapes that resulted in strong but very well-balanced wines and an outstanding red wine vintage,” said Klinger.


Nick Strangeway

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