The north-facing Vinha dos Cardenhos at Quinta dos Malvedos

Symington announces fifth edition of Graham’s The Stone Terraces 2021 Vintage Port

20 April, 2023

Symington’s has announced the release of a 2021 vintage to Graham’s The Stone Terraces series made from two low-yielding vineyards marking the fifth occasion the family have chosen to make this wine.

The micro-terroir 2021 edition follows releases in 2011, 2015, 2016, and 2017 using grapes produced in less than three hectares of vineyards at Graham’s principal estate – Quinta dos Malvedos.

“The hand-built stone terraces at Quinta dos Malvedos have long been prized by my family for producing wines with an incredibly unique profile, which is entirely distinct from the rest of the estate,” said head winemaker Charles Symington.

“After being abandoned in the aftermath of phylloxera, these terraces were meticulously reconstructed by hand in the late 19th century. They were designed to produce ports of exceptional concentration and power, using viticultural techniques that have barely changed for hundreds of years.

“While the Malvedos estate is predominantly south-facing, the stone terraces are comprised of two vineyards with cooler aspects – one faces east and west, while the other faces north. The schist walls of the stone terraces have an incredible ability to store the sun’s daytime heat through the night, which creates gradual and homogenous grape ripening.

“This effect – together with their orientations – are why the stone terraces are some of the most intriguing vineyards we farm, and why they produce one of the greatest wines we make in the Douro.”

The 2021 growth cycle and harvest in the Douro were among the coolest in recent years resulting in slower maturations and balanced ripening.

A limited release of 4,800 numbered 75cl bottles and 280 225 cl tappit hens will be available.

The Stone Terraces 2021 Vintage Port will be bottled in May and be available from mid-June 2023.

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