The DI interview: Institut del Cava president Magin Raventos

24 November, 2008
New technologies have improved the quality of Cava, according to Institut del Cava president Magin Raventos.

New technologies have improved the quality of Cava, according to Institut del Cava president Magin Raventos.The Institut del Cava is the Spanish producers’ association for Cava. The Institut has launched a three-year campaign in Spain, the UK, Germany and Poland and is co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and by the European Union within the EU policy to promote agricultural products. The aim is to increase awareness of the range, high quality and complex variety of Cavas now being produced, and how well they go with food.Raventos said that new technologies and energy-saving measures have helped producers improve the quality of Cava. He also said that costs would increase.“We think the quality of Cava is improving because of new technologies but it will mean the product is more costly.  For premium products, prices could as much as double.” This may mean that the retail price of Cava increases to accommodate the rise.Among the new technologies employed in the Cava region is mutli-spectral aerial images – infrared photographs – that capture energy emitted from vines. This helps producers determine which vines are in an optimum position to produce a premium product. It also helps producers determine which vines need more or less irrigation.Raventos said: "Lots of producers use this to know where to water, but the Cava industry is using it for superior quality.”He added: “The temperature has risen by 1 degree in the past 20 years, but year on year it’s a different story and we have created measures to recycle water to save energy.“We have started burying water pipes, which keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is no energy required to heat or cool water.” There are around thirty projects underway, to improve the quality and sustainability of the region.Raventos concluded that he had high hopes for Cava during the credit crunch.“We are all spending in a different way, now. We want better satisfaction for the money we are spending.“I wonder if Cava will be one of the great discoveries of the credit crunch?”Raventos hopes the improvement in quality will mean Cava is appreciated for having its own personality.  


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