ETRC welcomes EU support for its security label concept

27 August, 2008
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The EU Aviation Security Committee has given its backing to the European Travel Retail Council's proposal for a "unique identifier" label. The idea will allow liquids and gels bought by transfer passengers at approved non-EU airports to be officially identified.

At present stringent EU aviation security rules mean that transfer passengers, who started their journeys from non-EU airports, risk having their liquid duty-free purchases confiscated by security staff.

ETRC president Frank O'Connell described the security committee's decision as a "significant breakthrough for the travel retail industry. "With the backing of both the industry and the EU Aviation Security Committee we can now take the last steps to ensur e that transfer passengers from approved third-party countries can travel freely with their duty-free liquids. I would therefore reiterate our call to the industry to work with their national governments across the world to secure recognition from the EU."

Although the exact design of the "unique identifier" label has yet to be finalised, D I understands it will be placed separately inside sealed, tamper-evident bags along with the goods. It will also be time sensitive, becoming inactive a round 36 hours after the purchase is made.

The label will be ready for use by the end of the year and Singapore is expected to become the first country to get its aviation security regime officially approved by the EU.


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