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25 January, 2018



Brand owner Academy of Supreme Vodka Experts

RRP €35.99, £34.99, US37.99

Markets Russia, CIS markets, Europe, UK, US, South-East Asia, Travel Retail-Duty Free

Contact Academy of Supreme Vodka Experts: export@finist-vodka.moscow, finist-vodka.moscow

Finist (40% abv) is described as a super-premium vodka created by Russian vodka experts who are behind more than 30 successful spirits brands, including Green Mark, Talka and Zhuravli.

Some sell more than 1m 9-litre cases and have been regularly listed in the DI Millionaires’ Club.

Finist is made at the Alkon Distillery, Velikiy Novgorod in Russia. It is said to be distilled from limited batches without charcoal filtration and is additive free.

The different batches of raw materials used may mean they differ by content (rye, rye and wheat, rye and barley, etc).

The company says only the best ethanol from the Russian Heartland is used and selected by the batch master for each batch individually.

Finist is said to have a rich and lively taste with a tangible silky texture.


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