Wester Spirit Glasgow rum

Wester brings rum to Glasgow after 300 year absence

08 January, 2019

Wester Spirit Co has begun commercial rum distillation in Glasgow for the first time in 300 years with the opening of its new distillery in November 2018.

The launch of the distillery has enabled Wester Spirit Co to meet the growing demand for its spiced rum by increasing the previous production limit of 250 bottles per month to 6000.

The distillery will lead tours from January 2019, including an insight in to the history of rum-making, Wester’s production process and a cocktail masterclass.

Zander Macgregor, Wester Spirit Co co-founder, said: “After working tirelessly to turn the original, blank-canvas industrial unit into a fully functioning, innovative rum distillery in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, this gives us the opportunity to spread the news of, and our passion for, Scottish rum on a bigger scale. 

"We have experienced such tremendous growth since inception in 2017, we’re excited to begin collaborating and experimenting with other brands to grow our product range and develop our ampersand concept in the months that follow. The Limited Edition Batch 001 bottles are unique and numbered, sealed with a wax top, to mark the first time rum is flowing in Glasgow in over 300 years."

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