Campari shows strong growth

04 August, 2010

Gruppo Campari has unveiled robust results for the first half of 2010 with sales up 16.7% to €515.7 million and net profits up 15% to €69.3m.

The company says it benefited from “very good consumption momentum across key brand and market combinations”, the consolidation of the Wild Turkey bourbon acquisition and an “easy comparison” with the same period last year which was in the throes of the credit crunch and destocking in the trade.

Sales of spirits (76.9% of total sales) grew by 24% while wine (11.5% of total sales) fell by 1.3%. Campari was up 10% (at constant exchange rates) and Aperol up 34%. Cinzano sparkling wines increased by 3.8% and the vermouth by 5.2% at constant exchange rates.

As to regions, it grew by 2.2% in its home territory (Italy is 39.6% of total group sales). Europe, excluding Italy, increased by nearly 12%; the Americas (34% of total sales) by 46% (Brazil; organic slaes grew by 61.3%) and the rest of the world (including duty free which accounts for 5.4% of total sales) grew by 9.6%


Nick Strangeway

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