UK: White wine is top drink

19 February, 2009
Britain is a nation of white wine drinks, according to new research. 

Britain is a nation of white wine drinks, according to new research. 12,370 people were asked to identify their favourite drink and eight out of 10 Brits said white wine. This was followed by red wine and then lager.

 Vodka tops the spirits rank, while whisky comes second. Scots came forth in the whisky-loving league, behind Londoners, those from the north and those from the Midlands.

The Opinium Research poll revealed that gin is Britain’s least favourite tipple. 18-34 year olds prefer sparkling white wine and vodka. Over 55’s opt for red wine.

Mark Hodson, director at Opinium Research said:  “The research shows that white wine is the alcoholic drink of choice, far outstripping both beer and Vodka. However, we may see this change as people try to save money in the current economic climate. The old stereotype of women only drinking wine and spirits is certainly no longer true highlighted by the fact that a quarter of women will often opt for a pint of lager.”  


Philip Duff

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