Finlandia vodka hits three million annual case sales

12 January, 2009
Finlandia Vodka has broken a major milestone by hitting three million annual case-sales in December 2008.

Finlandia Vodka has broken a major milestone by hitting three million annual case-sales in December 2008. The Central and Eastern European markets have led the impressive performance.

Finlandia managing director Maureen Brekka said: “Since Brown-Forman wholly purchased the Finlandia Vodka brand four years ago, we have seen double digit growth each year.

“It took Finlandia 23 years to reach one-million cases, 12 years to reach two-million cases, and only three years to reach three-million cases. This is a great achievement for the Finlandia Vodka brand and its parent company Brown-Forman."

The most impressive growth for the Finlandia Vodka brand has come from Central and Eastern Europe. In Russia, Finlandia Vodka surpassed the largest vodka importer by selling more than 169,000 nine-litre cases in February 2008, making Finlandia Vodka the number one imported premium vodka in Russia, according to Russian Government import statistics.  

Another contributing factor to Finlandia’s growth is the success of its flavoured vodkas. The portfolio includes cranberry, lime, mango and grapefruit.

To celebrate this major milestone, Finlandia’s global ambassador, Pekka Pellinen, has developed the Finlandia Three-Million Splash:

Finlandia Three-Million Splash

4 cl or 1 1/4 oz Finlandia Vodka

5 Grapes

1 cl or 1/4 oz Simple Syrup

Apple Juice


Garnish: Cucumber

Glass: Highball

Method: Muddle + Build

Muddle grapes into highball glass. Add ice cubes, Finlandia Vodka and syrup. Top with apple juice and lemonade. Garnish with cucumber. Stir lightly.


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