SABMiller to brew first beer in south Sudan for 25 years

10 December, 2008
Brewer SABMiller plans to produce the first beer in south Sudan for 25 years.

Brewer SABMiller plans to produce the first beer in south Sudan for 25 years.Islamic law shut down the region's last brewery a quarter of a century ago and alcohol was banned in Sudan after the government bought in a new law in 1983. Since a 2005 peace agreement, consumers have been importing beer from Uganda.SABMiller recognised the opportunity and the beer will be produced in a new plant in Juba. The company estimates costs at $37 million. The product is yet to be named and it is expected to launch in February 2009. The plant will also have to capacity to produce soft drinks. 


SABMiller managing director Mark Bowman said: "We are committed to delivering high quality and affordable products while delivering consistent growth in a country like Southern Sudan, which has immense potential."  

Further investments are also planned to upweight capacity and develop the route to market assets and capability during the next year.   



Dominic Roskrow

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