Face to face: Monika Reule

Managing director at the German Wine Institute
27 August, 2008
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What concerns you most about the industry?

The increasing number of regulations it is facing, especially with regard to the ongoing discussion in Brussels on advertisement restrictions and labelling of alcoholic beverages. Bans and warning labels are not the right way.

What one up-and-coming trend do you think is important?

It would have to be lower-alcohol wines . I think that there is increasing demand for wines with less alcohol.

What do you think of the EC plans to reform the European wine industry?

The whole German wine sector is unanimous in the protest against the suggestions of the EU Commission. The current plans would lead to competitive disadvantage for the German wine industry and this to us is unacceptable.

How does the institute intend to make wine drinkers aware of regional differences?

In export markets it is our primary concern to raise awareness of Germany as a wine -producing nation. Our communication will focus on German grape varieties.

W e will help with information about the typical local grape varieties and regions, as well as tourist information .

What is your main priority at the institute?

We have just recently adopted our new strategic guidelines for 2008-2012. The next step will be the development of promotional campaigns to implement these strategies .

With the exception of Riesling, what is the next most exciting German grape variety?

Over the next five years we will focus on Pinot Noir . Germany is the third-biggest producer of Spätburgunder in the world.

What is your favourite German wine and food combination?

I find myself turning more and more to our noble sweet wines paired with a really sweet dessert.

What do you do to relax ?

I enjoy reading and listening to classical music. On the more active side I enjoy hiking, American square dancing, riding my motorbike and skiing.

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