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04 July, 2018



Brand owner Søren & Bettina Kongsgaard, Nordic by Nature

RRP £42.95, €49, HK$450.62

Markets Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong

Contact World Wide Direct contact: we@kongsgaardgin.com UK contact: Direct & Original Brands UK distributors: Enotria & Coe, Speciality Drinks, Bibendum.

Inspired by the forests of Denmark, Kongsgaard gin (44% abv) has been built around The Tree. Botanicals go from root to fruit. Seed & Root: corriander, galngal, licorice, chufa, ginger. Bark & Branch: charred oak, resin, cinnamon. Flower & Fruit: juniper, apple, lemon.

The gin is distilled in an open flame charentais, situated in the heart of old town Cognac.

Tasting notes: “On the nose you get, crisp apple and light juniper with a tint of spice and citrus.

“Once diluted with a drop of water, the liquid clouds as the essential oils opens up, intensifying both earthier and piney notes. First mouthful, starts up extremely smooth, followed by warm spiced apple pie – with a slightly floral freshness from ginger and galangal, seamlessly balanced on a silky palate of incredible depth.”


Dominic Roskrow

Rum's time to shine

Who would have thought it? After decades of dabbling on the margins of the fashionable bar trade, rum is enjoying its most successful spell in the limelight since the early ’90s, when spiced rums swept all before them.

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