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14 August, 2017



Brand owner Beam Suntory

Produced in Lowland, Scotland

Markets Global

RRP €50, £45, US$60

Contact maxxium.co.uk

Auchentoshan, The Bartender’s Malt (47% abv) is a single malt said to have been created by 12 bartenders from around the world.

The winning bartenders of The New Malt Order 2016 were invited to Glasgow, the home of Auchentoshan, to join the master blender for technical and laboratory sessions, sensual experiments and personality pairings with whisky casks, alongside a blending session of maturing Auchentoshan whiskies.

Tasting notes

Gold copper in colour with subtle grassy reflections, it offers dried apricots, milk, chocolate, honey and green tobacco leaf on the nose.

On the palate the single malt reveals delicate floral cherry blossom and buttery brioche, undercut by zesty notes of ginger, resulting in an edgy and expanding whisky with a long-lasting warmth.


David Williams

What it takes to be admirable

Voting in this magazine’s redoubtable annual awards for the world’s most admired wine brands has forced me, as it does every year, to think about the subject of wine brands properly for a change.

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