Bacardi launches limited edition rum

25 September, 2009

Bacardi is to launch a limited edition bottle for its white rum, to commemorate the impact of the Daiquirí on cocktail culture throughout the world.

The Bacardi Superior Rum Limited Edition Heritage is bottled at the same alcohol strength as it was 100 years ago: 890 proof (44.5% ABV.

The design takes its inspiration from the original 100-year-old bottle, used by the early cocktail pioneers.

According to Bacardi, Jennings Stockton Cox invented the Daiquiri in Cuba in 1898. It began to make its way around the world in the following decade.

7,500 cases of the heritage limited edition will be produced at the Destilería La Galarza in Mexico. The bottle is presented in a wooden case and is available in markets and travel retail around the world at a retail price of USD$50.



Nick Strangeway

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