Amico's Bar

Amico's Bar launches edible garden

01 November, 2018

Ketel One Vodka has partnered with Amico’s Bar in Essex, England to open an edible garden on site.

The garden has been created using a plant-growing system called Evogro which allows plants, flowers and herbs to grow all year round.

The garden will provide the garnish and ingredients to all the cocktails served at Amico’s Bar and it is the first UK venue to use horticultural technology for these reasons.

David Beatty, Europe brand ambassador for Ketel One Vodka, said: “The Amico’s Bar and Ketel One Vodka edible garden is a unique and exciting proposition that is enabling us to grow some of the most rare and unique plants in the world, and explore the delicious possibilities of how can they be incorporated into modern cocktails.”


The cocktail menu has been created by Amico’s Bar owner Dan Dove, and presented in the style of a gardener’s notebook. 

It will change on a monthly basis and use a diverse range of herbs and plants sourced straight from the bar’s edible garden. 



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