Tia Maria targets 'lucrative' National Martini Day

13 June, 2018

National Martini Day on June 19 poses a ‘lucrative’ opportunity for brands to capatalise on in the on-trade according to a Tia Maria representative.

Coffee liqueur brand Tia Mari, is targeting the Espresso Martini as a flagship serve to grow sales.

Gemma Monaghan, on trade marketing manager, Tia Maria, said: “National Martini Day is another fantastic occasion to emphasise the profit opportunity of coffee cocktails for licensees. We recommend bar owners ensure that they are prepared for consumers seeking outlets offering Espresso Martinis throughout the day and evening.

“Our Tia Maria Espresso Martini is an absolute classic and has a huge fanbase, which continues to grow. During our very own Coffee Cocktail Month in April, the G1 Group in Scotland ran the activity in 15 of its outlets and a total of 1,849 Espresso Martinis were sold. 

“This result demonstrates the lucrative coffee cocktail opportunity as we further push our mission to drive the coffee cocktail revolution.”


David Williams

From the crystal ball

Few days before writing this article, i came across an old piece by Robert Parker, written in 2004, in which he made 12 bold assertions about how wine would look by 2015.

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