EU delays lifting LAG restrictions

28 August, 2012

The European Commission has postponed next year’s deadline to lift EU airport security restrictions on air passengers carrying liquids, aerosol and gels (LAGs) in their hand luggage.

The EU had planned to scrap the restrictions by April 2013, but there have been delays at many European airports over the installation of costly screening equipment, which is capable of detecting liquids in hand luggage. A revised timeline for the progressive lifting of all restrictions on LAGs will be issued later in the year.

The Commission has tentatively recommended passengers should be able to carry onboard all duty free LAGs by January 2014 provided they are screened beforehand.

The EU-wide air travel ban on liquids in containers larger than 100ml came into force in Europe in 2006 after the discovery of a UK-based plot to bomb transatlantic jetliners using liquid explosives. Other countries around the world followed suit, introducing their own security legislation.


Joe Bates

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