Funkin decides on Fusion range

10 December, 2010

UK-based mixer brand Funkin has announced the launch of a new range of purťes called Funkin Fusion.

Following the brandís cocktail competition last month, in which some of Londonís top bartenders experimented with ten Fusion prototypes, three flavours have been chosen.

Mango, red pepper and hot pimento; mango, calamansi, lime and lemon; and blackberry and vanilla faired best in the trials and will†launch to the UK market in February, with a roll out to France and Dubai planned for March.

The range will be available at UK wholesalers alongside the brandís existing 20-product range of Funkin Pro purees.

The brandís cocktail competition, held at Londonís Floridita bar, saw mixologists - including Alex Turner and Jake Burger Ė design Tiki, Classic British and Pan Asian cocktails using the prototype purťes.

The winning team comprised Rikki Broderick, Duane Shepherd and Craig Harper.

The prototypes used in the competition were developed by mixologist Ben Reed, he said: ďThis competition is a collaboration with bartenders who have worked with Funkin since the 1990s.

ďThis approach enables them to share their creativity and, facilitated by Funkin's cutting edge approach to the industry, will inspire other bartenders to design new styles of cocktails.Ē


David Williams

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