Disaronno launches international mixology competition

21 July, 2010

Disaronno, the Italian amaretto liqueur, has launched an international competition for bartenders.

The eventual winner gets to go to Los Angeles,, visit the Hollywood film studios and appear in a film as a ‘star bartender’. The winner will also be included in the Disaronno cocktail guide, entitled ‘The Mixing Star Hall of Fame’, which is to be published in 2011 with a collection of the best cocktails and bartender performances from the competition.

The Disaronno Mixing Star competition entails bartenders proving their creativity and skill by creating an original Disaronno cocktail.

Competitors must register on line - themixingstar.eu – by September 10 with a signature cocktail containing the liqueur, which is made from herbs and fruits soaked from apricot kernel oil.

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries, looking for: “balance among elements, creativity and originality”.

The winners of the “casting sessions” will come together in London on November 16 for the third and final phase of the contest hosted by international mixologist, Dom Costa. Participants will compete to be awarded the titles of the Disaronno Mixing Star and creator of the best Disaronno signature cocktail.


Dominic Roskrow

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