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Ice Wine's Asian appeal

24 August, 2021


However, the booming production of ice wine in China is merely supplying a portion of the growing demand from its local consumers, meaning the opportunities for foreign brands are still mega.

The same report by GMA Marketing To China reads: “With around 40% of Chinese wine imported, there is a huge opportunity for expansion for foreign wineries and distributors.

“The market appears to be mature now, which marks the end of more experimental purchases in lower-quality products and a shift in the market’s focus towards high-quality wines that serve a more luxury-oriented consumer mindset.”

Therefore, while China’s local industry is booming in terms of both volume and quality, there’s no denying the huge potential for premium international brands such as Inniskillin, particularly through the travel retail sector, where much of China’s luxury spending takes place.

It took 17 years from Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin to him receiving the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, so perhaps it will take a similar amount of time for Chinese ice wine to get the recognition it deserves.

However, until that point, the more traditional foreign producers will continue to cash in on their luxury reputation through China’s huge duty free market

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