Becky Davies: “Tequila is the real deal and that’s why it’s so exciting"

22 March, 2021

El Tequileño has earned its reputation for creating exquisite tequilas through its dedication to craft and quality while using sustainable practices. This includes harvesting only the finest blue agave from the premium growing region-Los Altos de Jalisco, locally sourcing the mineral-rich volcanic spring water from El Volcan de Tequila and distilling in copper pot stills.

In starting Ten Locks, we promised to back brands that present innovation in the drinks industry while striving for positive change. In El Tequileño we have the perfect partner; it has its own 60-year old distillery, employs traditional, sustainable production techniques, and offers a fantastic spectrum of flavours to really showcase how good tequila can be. Sadly, Don Javier, creator of the Batanga cocktail, passed this year at the age of 96, but his legacy of the popular combination of lime juice, salt, El Tequileño Blanco tequila, cola and ice, lives on and can now be recreated in homes across the UK.


What are the challenges faced by tequila brands entering the UK market?

Us Brits love to know what we’re drinking; we’re quite inquisitive and curious – and we love a tale which gives us reasons to love a brand or a product. I believe that to be the crux of why UK consumers will really get behind agave spirits this year. We already know the UK loves Mexico – just look at the abundance of Mexican bars, restaurants, street food stalls and diners on high streets. The consumer is ready for tequila to take more space on shelf.

The challenge to tequila producers, and in turn bartenders and retailers, is education and exploring these brand stories to generate even more appeal.

In a similar way that consumers like learn about and experiment with wine, gin, rum and whisky, tequila drinkers can explore blanco, reposado, añejo, platinum, reposado rare and reservas to find their personal preference, be it in a cocktail or serve. That’s why education and brand activation is so important – consumers will only appreciate it and buy into the segment if we, as an industry, do enough to promote its natural virtues.

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