Paige Aubort

Credit: Jefrey Santony

Paige Aubort: Coming back stronger

03 November, 2020

While Aubort’s studies take priority on the south coast, it brings an end to Coleman’s Academy.

“It’s not that I don’t think there’s a time and a place for Coleman’s, I think there always will be, I just fell out of love with it. I was having to convince girls to show up and it went from a labour of love to just labour. It’s tough to quantify its success but it definitely changed a lot of women’s lives, so I’m happy with what I achieved with it.”

Aubort’s success in the bar world isn’t just testament to her engaging persona, but a drive to improve herself and genuine desire to help others. And although these traits have made her popular behind the bar, her future may be on the other side. “I love coming up with concepts. Scheming and finding improvements in things is what I’m best at. My dream job would be to pitch myself to brands, take their ideas and improve them.”

Aubort has a habit of throwing all her energy into life, which is what makes her good at everything she tries, but having time away during lockdown has allowed her to recharge and rethink in order to come back stronger. “Yeah, I feel like it’s in my blood, I fucking love it but I think I needed a break.”

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