Founders Topo and Karlsson

Low abv spirit Kåska looks to HK for growth

22 July, 2020

Finnish low alcohol spirit Kåska has targeted Hong Kong after its first batch sold out domestically within hours.

The 15% abv spirit is flavoured with spruce needles and lemon and sold out in Finland when it launched earlier this year.

“We received a bunch of queries and interest before officially launching the product for the first time,” said co-founder Eetu Topo.

“That interest only intensified after our initial batch sold out so quickly, but we are trying to keep calm and focus on markets with the most potential at this stage.

“Hong Kong seems like a good option, partially because we are also planning to use 15% of our sales to fund human rights organisations in the area.”

Fellow co-founder Fred Karlsson added: “We think that in the future, more and more general spirits are going to be lighter on ethanol, and focusing mainly on flavour and experience. Kåska is just one of the first companies to do that.”

Making the spirit takes a few weeks more than traditional spiced distillates due to Kåska’s manufacturing methods. “We went through 70 prototypes and recipes with a group of local and international industry professionals to create Kåska,” added Topo.

“Getting a full flavour experience requires a different approach to distillation, but in the near future we should be able to keep up with the demand. Right now selling out is just a positive problem to have.”

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