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Golden South Sea Pearldiver

New menu 'game-changer' for Lyaness

25 October, 2019

The cocktails range between £13-14 and Lyaness is currently ranked 39 in the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars.

“I think the price of the cocktails is reasonable for the quality they are and the fact they’re in central London in a five star hotel on the river.

“Off menu cocktails will be the price of the base spirit plus a couple of pounds. I wouldn’t add on cost for creativity because I don’t believe an off menu cocktail should be more expensive than what’s written on the menu.”

ingredients slayer lyaness alex lawrence

Piña Leaf Highball

Lawrence has now travelled to Washington DC to overlook the launch of a new bar, but he already has his mind set on the next steps for Lyaness.

“What the team have pulled out of the bag is so impressive. We’ve had 21 people working on this menu with no rules and all we’ve really done is guide them on the ingredients,” added Lawrence.

“But already we need to start talking about the next menu. It’s such a detailed process to go through that we need to keep the momentum rolling and I want the team to maintain an ongoing creative process.”


Nick Strangeway


Happy customers across the UK enjoyed their first pints and non-homemade cocktails at the start of July as its hospitality sector reopened after months of lockdown. But normal service has hardly resumed.