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Patrón announces measures to drive sustainable production

25 July, 2019

Patrón tequila has released details of its efforts to drive sustainable practices within its production, packaging and surrounding community in Mexico.

The Bacardí-owned brand featured in the 2019 Millionaires’ Supplement, making it one of the biggest producers of tequila on the planet and it has now listed its efforts to reduce the impact it is having on the environment.

“As the category leader, Patrón believes that the company’s growth and commitment to the environment can and should go hand in hand,” read a segment released by the brand. 

“The company’s green initiatives to diminish the footprint of its tequila production go far beyond institutional requirements. The Mexican government has recognised Patrón as the industry leader in waste reduction.”

The brand said its Weber Blue Agave plants are free of chemicals and fertilisers at the time of harvest and that the distillery composts 100% of its leftover agave fibres from distillation. 

This compost creates more than 5,500 tons of natural fertiliser a year for Hacienda Patrón’s vegetable garden, which provides food for its 1,200 staff. The distillery also takes in used agave fibres for compost, free of charge, from 10 other neighbouring distilleries. 

Patrón has also developed a water treatment system which uses reverse osmosis to recycle 70% of the stillage from its tequila production into clean water to cool the condensers during distillation and water the agave fields. The remaining 30% of the by-product is combined with used agave fibres to create compost. 

Inside the distillery, the Tahona mills used to crush agave are pulled by zero emission electric motors and it was the first tequila distillery to install a natural gas pipeline as its main energy source, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

In terms of packaging, Patrón Silver bottles are made from recycled glass and its boxes from recycled paper, while bottles being delivered to the on-trade are not wrapped in tissue papers to reduce waste.

To help balance its carbon footprint, Patrón has donated around 16,000 trees since 2015 in Atotonilco el Alto and now commits to a minimum price for agave to keep local growers in profit.

Patrón also supports a local food bank that offers essential supplies to more than 1,000 families and works with two orphanages among other charitable organisations globally.

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