Bulk punches above weight

26 March, 2019

One of the key trends which emerged from this session was that the US wine boom was slowing – still rising, but slower. Penn put this down to the increase in online shopping, which has reduced impulse buys in the off trade. He also believes that competition from spirits, younger consumers buying less alcohol and the emergence of seltzers (flavoured carbonated water) are contributing factors to the struggles facing the US wine market.

Pinot Noir came up due to its increased popularity and good value in the US. Among some of the other topics discussed at the exhibition were climate change, boxed wine, trends in south east Asia, business opportunities in bulk wine and Argentina’s bulk wine industry.

Unsurprisingly, WBWE is hosting a show in China later this year.

According to its website, WBWE China “wants to become the commercial meeting point between international producers and importers from China and Asia who need to satisfy the enormous demand of wine that continues to grow for the consumers of this country”. This show has the potential to unlock many opportunities for world wines and China is one country demanding better quality of life at an alarmingly fast rate, making it good timing for bulk wine to swoop in on the action.

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