Alexandrion Group

Alexandrion Group: Romania's awakening giant

05 February, 2019

However, it isn’t just safety which concerns Alexandrion Group, but the education of its consumers. In 2017 the company founded the Single Malt Society to educate bartenders and consumers on single malt whisky without promoting any brands and the group has plans to build a visitor centre with tasting rooms for the public to experience.

Aside from the drinks industry, the company hosts its annual Alexandrion Foundation awards ceremony, which not only pays respects to influential Romanians, but provides grants to the winners to fund their own projects. The company is also supportive of local sports teams and the group is keen to bridge the gap between the company and its consumers.

Savva adds: “We want to try and give something back to the community which is why we sponsor 28 students with placements to work in our distillery and we’ve worked hard to sponsor lesser known sports teams who need money more than mainstream ones.”

Traditionally Romania hasn’t been internationally recognised as a producer of spirits, but there are tight laws on brandy production and other spirits, which in the long run could give it provenance and a greater reputation. However the real opportunity looks overseas for the Alexandrion Group and with the US, South America and Europe now infiltrated, the next big market to conquer may be Asia. As with all great leaders however, the company continues to protect its domestic market while growing internationally, laying the foundations to one day go down as Alexandrion The Great.

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