Indian Single Malt: Whisky’s Indian summer

04 February, 2019

“A lot of thought went into the packaging. We wanted to have a simple yet elegant pack. We are very proud of the fact that it is an Indian product and we wanted to highlight the Indian origin in our packaging as well. While the product itself says ‘Indian single malt’, there is a subtle usage of Devanagari script, a silk pouch with embroidery adds to the image,” says Banga.


“We are not making any age claim on the product though it is matured for a very long time in harsh Indian weather conditions. We feel age is just a number and should not cloud the consumer opinion. For us the most important thing is that the consumer should like the liquid and want to have it repeatedly.”

With all three companies planning to increase their output in 2019 and planning special releases, Indian whisky expressions should be set for a higher profile than they have over the past couple of years. Even the threat of economic uncertainty, volatile markets and the effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union don’t seem to phase them. If anything it may even provide a trade advantage.

“I am very optimistic,” says Chokalingam. “With regards to our exports, Brexit has no role to play. As Britain will negotiate with India on a bilateral trade, I would think the domestic landscape for whiskies might change here in India.”

Shilton Almeida is ambivalent. “Let’s wait and watch for this,” he says. “Personally I think either ways people would like to come home after a long day and enjoy a good dram of whisky.

“There is a lot to look forward to. There are many more distilleries from around the world coming up to watch out for. Plus the current ones coming out with different experimental expressions. I’m excited about 2019.”

The future is very bright for Indian whisky concludes Sanjeev Banga. “Credit goes to Amrut for introducing Indian single malt to the world,” he says. “We are taking the legacy forward and to a new level. India has huge potential and it’s about time we made our presence felt on the world stage. Our Magic Moments vodka is already creating waves globally. So are Indian wines. And now is the time for Indian single malt.”


Nick Strangeway

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