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27 September, 2018



Brand owner Wild Thyme Spirits

RRP £42, €47, $54

Markets Global

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Wild Thyme 909 (47% abv) is a new limited-edition bottling of Colonsay gin from Wild Thyme Spirits. Each of the 909 bottles is individually hand numbered and the design takes inspiration from mythical Celtic folklore, with the number of bottles released signifying 909 years since the legendary Viking maiden Alva was said to have been trapped on the Isle of Colonsay. The gin’s flavour is created by the variety of botanicals, which are handpicked on the island wheere it is produced.

Tasting notes: “Smooth and slightly sweet, this classic London Dry-style gin is a delicate balance of spice, peppery notes and lemon sherbet which is best served with premium tonic over lots of ice, garnished with either orange zest or a slice of green chilli.”


Dominic Roskrow

It’s ‘up periscope’ for Irish distilleries

I know how wierd this might seem but I often think that the opening of a new distillery is like the launch of a new submarine. It is unveiled in all its pristine glory in a blaze of publicity and fanfare.

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