Cognac: Innovating history

07 August, 2018

The BNIC is also working hard to stay at the forefront of consumer, environmental and cultural trends to keep cognac relevant around the world.

The spokesperson adds: “Moreover, we can observe a significant and global innovative movement: the entire supply chain is evolving. A real effort on sustainability is made, and particularly on environmental impact of the cognac production, from vineyards to bottles.

“On the marketing side: packaging is being reimagined, communication campaigns are being modernised (including important endorsement strategies), and focus is being extended to cocktails and long drinks.

“Cognac brands are really active, full of ideas and close to the modern international consumers’ habits, with a strong environmental awareness. So yes, like other industries, cognac innovates, although under strict regulations and specifications.”

France won the World Cup with its youngsters showing flair and speed, but the core of the team was still made up with experienced players, who were tactically more advanced and able to demonstrate leadership on the field. Perhaps then, in order for cognac to open up new opportunities, it needs to maintain its history and tradition through high quality XO expressions, and experiment with the younger VS and VSOP varieties. And while the temptation is there for some brands to deviate from the laws of the BNIC, there is still plenty of room within them to innovate.

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