Pick of the Launches

19 June, 2018



Brand owner Pernod Ricard

RRP £20

Markets UK only

Contact Lottie Sylvester at Pernod Ricard UK, charlotte.sylvester@pernod-ricard.com

Based on Plymouth gin, Plymouth Fruit Cup (30% abv) is intended to tap into the resurgence of aperitifs in the UK and respond to “significant trends in the booming gin market”.

Serving suggestions are over ice in a wine glass or jug, mixing one part Plymouth Fruit Cup to three parts lemonade or ginger ale. Garnish with plenty of summer fruits, twists of cucumber and a sprig of mint.

Plymouth Fruit Cup will be available to the on and off-trades from summer in 6x70cl cases.


Dominic Roskrow

It’s ‘up periscope’ for Irish distilleries

I know how wierd this might seem but I often think that the opening of a new distillery is like the launch of a new submarine. It is unveiled in all its pristine glory in a blaze of publicity and fanfare.

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