Heineken to boost on trade growth by £1bn

25 April, 2018


Consumers are leading more flexible lifestyles with remote working, part-time hours and staycations. By maximising the occasions for which a pub or bar can be used throughout the day, licensees can also maximise revenues. The ambience of the pub is the second most important reason for consumers choosing an outlet, so this cannot be overlooked. Consumers will order a second pint of cider or beer based on the quality of the first so maintaining and pouring consistent quality drinks is also key.


Enhancing kerb appeal can remove any potential barriers or increase footfall into outlets. Providing free WiFi or different food offerings throughout the day can widen trading hours and bring in new consumers for new occasions. Communicating these offerings through outdoor signage or advertising this online are the simplest ways to maximise footfall. Maintaining and pouring consistent, quality cider and beer will also drive repeat custom.

3 Great With Food - Incremental value £189M


Food is a great way to entice consumers into the on-trade, so licensees should maximise their consumer spend by pairing food with their range of ciders and beers, to drive more money through the tills.


Food is present at a third of all drinking occasions and this is growing. By using drinks and food together, this can deliver more value to the consumer whilst driving both footfall and repeat business . 


A simple burger and a pint style promotion will increase footfall, or presenting a more formal food and drink matched menu will increase spend in higher end outlets.

4 Live Better - Incremental value £174M


People are trying to lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, whether by watching what they eat, moderating their alcohol intake or engaging with brands that represent their views.


Half of people want to make healthier lifestyle choices – whether that be abstaining from alcohol of which over 1m more people have chosen to do in the last four years, or actively choosing sustainably sourced products or preferring organic produce .  


Philip Duff

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