Symington declares 2016 vintage port year

09 April, 2018

The Symington family has declared 2016 as a vintage port year, its fourth since 2000.

According to the Symington family, the 2015/16 Winter was wetter than average, which provided a counterbalance to the hot Douro summer.

Charles Symington, head-winemaker, delayed harvesting until the 19 September and the Touriga Nacional was not harvested until a week later.

A statement released by the Symington Family, said: “It is not easy in our incredibly diverse region to pick grapes at exactly the right time, especially when yields are amongst the lowest in the world at 26 hectolitres/ha, with high risk of dehydration and when many producers rely on bought grapes and are therefore dependent on farmers for picking.  

“All the 2016 Symington vintage ports are made from our own Quinta vineyards where Charles and his viticulture team can be seen every day tasting and analysing grapes throughout August and September.”

Production of each of the 2016 vintage ports is approximately one fifth below the previous declared vintage, following ‘rigorous selection in the tasting room’. 

The statement said that the 2016 vintage ports are ‘exceptional with tannins that are amongst the most refined ever’, with red-fruit flavours. 

The vintage ports are said to have impressive structure and balance, with Baumés, acidity and tannins. 

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