Drinks trends for summer festival season

23 March, 2018

When it comes to beer, drinkers are demanding more from their pint, and subsequently expecting more than just a simple ad campaign or commercial to capture their attention. Brewers not only have to find new recipes to entice drinkers, but also have to find creative new avenues to attract them in the first place. Desperados took this to new heights (literally) when it created the first ever zero gravity music festival above the skies of Las Vegas. To create the push, the alcohol brand brought DJ group the Barong Family on a flight combining music, lights and weightlessness 30,000ft above the Nevada desert, in order to achieve a ‘bass drop’ experience never felt before. By directly integrating the customer experience with branding activities, Desperados created a memorable and compelling moment in which customers became intensely engaged. When you translate this back to the festival scene, it’s all about enhancing the fan experience and adding a new dimension, which is what Desperados set out to do. 

Let’s also not forget wine, that other favoured tipple. With the stigma of it removed, the popularity of boxed wine is increasing. Perfect for a summer’s day, bag-in-box wine is an ideal format for brands to contribute to the festival experience as it removes the barriers of glass bottles, allowing festival goers to enjoy their wine in a convenient and portable way.

Every festival is different and reaches new audiences. It’s important to figure out what your festival-goers enjoy drinking in order to produce that unique experience everyone craves. The key is to ensure that the experience all hangs together and is relevant, from the drinks you put on tap, and the experience you wrap around that. Consumers will always rely on brands for entertainment, but it’s the brands that react quickly to the changing trends that will thrive in the festival scene. For brands to have power, consumer advocacy is key.

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