Pick of the Launches

19 February, 2018



Brand owner Think Brands

RRP £20

Markets Australia, UK, with plans to expand to USA, UAE, Europe and GTR in 2018

Contact Minfo@mangroveuk.com

Pampelle (15%abv) is a new, bitter-sweet spirit aperitif made with organic ruby red grapefruit from Corsica together with selected botanicals.

The grapefruit juice is infused with the botanicals and distilled to produce the aperitif, which is naturally low in sugar.

The bottle is designed to show Mediterranean cues and is stamped with the seal of a Damselfly.


Philip Duff

Duff Said: Awash with rum

As the weather gets bleak Philip Duff turns to the warming notes of rum for comfort. But there are currently several elements unsettling the category