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26 April, 2017



Brand owner Lyme Bay Winery

RRP £15.89

Markets UK only

Contact Paul Williams, paul@lymebaywinery.co.uk, 07436 104127

Bacchus Block is a single vineyard designated white English still wine from Lyme Bay Winery. The Bacchus Block was developed using perfectly ripe grapes to create an aromatic white wine with clean, intense and powerful grapefruit freshness.

Made from 100% Bacchus grapes, it is said to have a long, citrus-dominated finish with a good mouthfeel.

Lyme Bay’s Bacchus Block has been crafted from carefully selected Bacchus grapes, grown in a plot of heavy clay soil and well-sheltered by surrounding forests.

These conditions give the grapes huge depth of character and contribute to the wine’s complexity of flavours.


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