US editor says no to sexism in beer industry

18 April, 2017

John Holl, editor of All About Beer magazine in the US, has voiced his concerns about sexist beer labels and the ‘lack of gender equality’ in the beer industry.

Holl expressed his opinion in the editor’s column on the magazine website and he believes that people need to stand against the way breweries ‘view and depict women’.

Holl said: “How, in an age of progress, technology and enlightenment are breweries still releasing and producing beers with demeaning names like Once You Go Black or Panty Dropper?

“This is still a male-dominated industry, both in terms of its employees and its customers. The jocular attitude that women are somehow beneath men or simply objects, however, is something that should have been eradicated a long time ago.

“This isn’t a new issue. It’s been simmering below the surface for quite some time, with only the occasional bubble-up. Some take to the internet to express outrage; others shrug it off.

“However, as the national political conversation centers on how women are treated in society these days—to say nothing of the xenophobia, racism and homophobia permeating so much of everyday American life—it would be wrong not to stand up and join in a call to action.”

Keywords: beer, John Holl, sexism

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