Against the Grain

17 February, 2017


Having a taste for beer and being an authority on it are two very different things – something Dedianko is well aware of. “I would never claim to be an expert,” she says. “I understand the brewing process, mainly because of my background in spirits. And, don’t forget, I am quite an expert in events and the industry. So, in that respect, my skills are transferable.

“In terms of the liquid, yeah cool, I couldn’t taste a beer and tell you which hops are in there. Some of them I could, but not all of them. With this, it’s really about growing a great event that consumers want to go to versus being the authority on beer, which I would never claim to be. Although I would love to learn more. I will hopefully have the opportunity to brew a beer specifically for Beer Week.”

She adds: “It’s a bit like languages really – I’m learning through osmosis. It’s almost better to know less because then you are more willing to learn and don’t have any preconceived ideas. For me I’m going in with a totally open mind and actually like any beer which tastes delicious. It doesn’t matter what it is.”

And a favourite? “Wu Gang Chops the Tree. It’s a foraged herb hefeweisser from a little craft brewery in east London – it’s so delicious. I would challenge anyone who does not like beer to not like this beer.”

Dedianko isn’t a know-it-all and doesn’t want to be. She’s currently trying to break into the circle of beer writers while breaking down the stereotypes associated with women in beer. If anyone can spread the word and convert consumers, the smart money is on Dedianko.

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