Lidl’s own label scores 95.5 points in Murray's Whisky Bible

15 December, 2016

Lidl’s own label 34 Year Glen Alba Sherry Cask Finish scotch whisky has been classified as ‘magnificent’ and ‘truly superb’ by whisky legend Jim Murray. 

The whisky scored 95.5 points out of a possible 100, beating premium brands including Cutty Sark, The Famous Grouse and William Grant’s, in Murray’s annual Whisky Bible.

He said: “The spices are so busy yet beautifully balanced against the softness of the grape; long and perfectly assisted by the light oils which coat the palate with high class sherry. The spices buzz with contentment, while a late interplay of tannin and malt underlines a lingering complexity; a beautifully dry and sophisticated blend.”

Lidl’s Glen Alba 34 Year Sherry Cask Finish scotch is priced at £44.99, as much as 92% cheaper than other whiskies in the same category, it said. JW Private Collection Blended scotch whisky 2014, scored 90 points and retails at £575.

Murray tasted more than 4,600 whiskies to create the annual bible.


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