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28 October, 2016



Brand owner The House of Angostura

RRP £59.99 (70cl), €66 US$75

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Angostura 1787 (40% abv) is a sipping rum, created by master distiller John Georges to celebrate the establishment of the first sugar mill in Trinidad in 1787, at the famous Lapeyrouse sugar plantation.

It is made from reserve rums from Angostura’s ageing warehouses, each of which has been maturing for 15 years in charred oak barrels.

Angostura 1787 is described as medium bodied with a bouquet of banana, dried fruit and oak, with top notes of apple. It comes in a heavy, rounded bottle, emblazoned with the signature of Dr JGB Seigert, the founder of Angostura, and presented in a brown and orange gift box.


Dominic Roskrow

It’s ‘up periscope’ for Irish distilleries

I know how wierd this might seem but I often think that the opening of a new distillery is like the launch of a new submarine. It is unveiled in all its pristine glory in a blaze of publicity and fanfare.

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