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01 August, 2016


Adéle Robberstad

I feel we have really pushed the limits with regard to creativity through the use of obscure, esoteric, and house-made ingredients, but I feel a return to simpler recipes that are easier to recreate will become more the norm. There is a reason a lot of classic cocktails have survived the test of time – they are usually made up of three to four ingredients that are available at most well-stocked bars.

The tiki revival has been rescued from grenadine and bad juices hell by bartenders who understand the appeal of goofy umbrella drinks but also understand the art of making great cocktails with great components.

Pre-batch cocktails are growing and classic liqueurs are an important part of that. On-tap cocktails will be especially efficient for restaurants as they begin to sell more complex drinks, because timing is so important in a restaurant.

I think we are also going to see a continuing expansion and evolution of east Asian-influenced drinks. We’re in for a whole new world of blended styles, flavours and experiences, but the classic liqueurs will come hand in hand in the modern classics.

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Tess Posthumus

The Great Tipping Debate

Tipping can be a difficult subject in the bar industry. As a bar owner, bartender and regular consumer, I see it from every perspective and it can be tricky to get right.