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01 August, 2016


Ramon Ramos

I remember when I first came to London – tequila wasn’t big at all. Nowadays in London and all around the world you can find a drink with tequila on every menu. People are familiar with quality tequila and with education programmes such as the Tahona Society the world is changing in terms of the way people view tequila. The world now knows not only about the Margarita but traditional Mexican drinks such as the Paloma, Batanga and Charro Negro.

There are different styles of tequila cocktails in different countries, with bartenders often using local ingredients. In South Korea you don’t find only Margaritas but a Kimchi Paloma, or you go to Ireland and you might see tequila and tonic in a local pub that normally only served Guinness. If you go to South Africa you can see tequila with biltong as a garnish, which actually works very well, just as the salt rim works for the Margarita. In London you can go to Dandelyan and have a Nixtamalised corn syrup with a homemade grapefruit shrub and tequila. There are also variations on classics such as the Negrita – a tequila Negroni which is served in the Savoy and the Connaught hotels.


Nick Strangeway


Happy customers across the UK enjoyed their first pints and non-homemade cocktails at the start of July as its hospitality sector reopened after months of lockdown. But normal service has hardly resumed.